Are you selling your home? I’ve been perusing some real estate websites recently, and let me tell you, curb appeal is so important when selling your home. The front door is the first thing buyers see, and it can make or break a good first impression! It can either reel them in or repel them. Sometimes, potential buyers drive by a home to see if they love it and often make the decision to request a showing just based on their first impression. Read on to learn the top 3 ways a wreath can affect a buyer’s view of your house.

Wreaths for Home Sells: The Unbreakable First Impression

Did you know our minds can determine our first impression within the first 2 seconds of observation? It’s instinctual. When shopping for a house, that instinctual response is made about the exterior of a home, with many small factors that we subconsciously notice playing a role. A wreath plays a part in that quick once over we give a home while perusing realtor websites or passing a home with a for-sale sign in front of it, without us even realizing it! Adding a wreath for home sales to the front door gives the impression that the home has been well cared for and loved.

wreaths for home sells

Style Your Front Door to Make Buyers Feel Warm and Welcome

A major key to selling a house is to help the buyers picture the house as their home. Cue the wreath! Placing a wreath on your front door gives a warm welcome to home shoppers and subconsciously makes them feel at home and at ease as they walk in. That first impression and warm welcome got them in the door and now they’re open-minded about what’s inside!

Wreaths for Home Sells

Wreaths Are Good For Feng Shui

You know when you’re watching house hunters and the buyers are super concerned about the feng shui of a home? And you’re like, um, who cares? It might be time to think again. Homes with good feng shui sell at higher prices than those that don’t have good feng shui. In fact, 86% of the Asain-American population is extremely concerned about this aspect when shopping for a home. The good news: A front door wreath can contribute to good feng shui! Choose a wreath with natural-inspired elements such as twigs, leaves, branches, or florals, which are all good elements to a feng shui doorway. Click here to shop our natural and earth-inspired wreaths.

Welcome Door Sign

Adding one of our wreaths to your front door can boost your home’s curb appeal and help improve the way it shows to buyers. Ready to get the perfect welcome for your home? Browse my best sellers or take a look at some of the custom wreaths I’ve made in my Gallery.  Of course, if you already know what your dream wreath should look like, skip the scrolling and just send me your custom order! I’d love to make you something amazing to welcome whoever is gracing your doorstep! 

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