I don’t know about you, but we’ve been spending a lot of time this winter at home since the cold weather hit! Though I typically run hot, when it’s this cold out, even I want to snuggle up and drink a warm cup of coffee or tea! I love a warm cozy home in the winter, a fire in the fireplace, and a warm, comfy blanket to cuddle up in. But being home leaves me with a lot of time to look at my home, and honestly, it can just look a little drab after all the Christmas decor is gone! So, how can we keep our homes looking lovely in the winter? Here are a few tips for decorating I think you will love this winter, and best of all, they are mostly super simple things anyone can do!


Use Christmas Decor for Winter Beauty

Don’t put all that Christmas decor up in the attic just yet! I mean, please go ahead and skip the red and green and super sparkly ones, but those more simple winter pieces you can certainly use. Especially those with winter woodland creatures, the evergreen decor, and personally, I love the warmth that white or cream twinkly lights or tea light candles can add to a room.


Simple Winter Wreaths

Replace those over the top Christmas wreaths with some more simple. I love a simple grapevine wreath or evergreen wreath with pinecones and white or blush colored decor to make your door feel warm, inviting, and perfect for these winter months. And of course, you know I love a sweet winter birds wreath.


Sticks & Stones Make Beautiful Decor

Replace the flowers in a neutral vase with twigs or replace bright colored figurines with beautifully shaped stone or rock displays. I love to decorate with nature during the winter. There’s something so beautiful about the simplicity of those pieces when you add them to the warmth of your home. These beautiful winter luminaries are so easy to make and are such a simple way to brighten up and warm up a room or table.

Less is Still More

I know, it’s an overused cliche and even a bit cheesy, but it really needs to be said. You want your home to look inviting but not overcrowded and busy. Make space for your friends, and family, and for your own soul to breath deep in your home by keeping it simple. Bonus – it’s easier to dust!


Find Your Cozy Style of Winter Decorating

And my last tip on winter decorating is the most important one of all. Don’t just try to copy pictures from magazines or Pinterest pages. Find your cozy style and pieces that you love and have fun with it. If neutral colors aren’t your thing, throw color in there. If you hate the rustic look, then get you some winter bling, girl! Make your home an expression of who you are, and it will naturally invite all the people who love you in.


So, no matter what your style, there’s a way to make your home uniquely yours, warm and inviting, and your very own special version of cozy. What are the ways you make your home cozy in the winter? Did I miss anything? Share your decor tips in the comments!

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