Okay, calm down! It’s not THAT word! The favorite 4 letter word beginning with F is most definitely….FALL! And it’s FINALLY arrived! I mean, seriously, the cooler weather alone is enough to make me squeal… if I was the kind of girl who did such things! But just in case you are having a hard time finding reasons to embrace the season… here are my 10 top reasons why FALL is my favorite.



This time of year just resonates family for many of us. The togetherness of getting back into routines after a typical summer of everyone going their own separate way just lights a little fire inside me.


And on the heels of loving family time in the fall is definitely our fall traditions! Making cute crafts, pumpkin carving, corn mazes, haunted houses, and so many other things are a few ways that I love to make memories with my girls.


My oven gets lots of lovin’ during the fall season! We love all of the fall flavors in our house: apples, caramel, and pumpkin!


I look forward to colder weather all year because I LOVE me some soup! And yes, I know there are some tasty summer soups but c’mon now! Not much else can warm your bones like a hearty bowl of chili in the fall time!


Less is more? Not when it comes to fall! Bring on the layers! I’m typically not a cold-natured person, so I don’t like a lot of heavy sweaters or coats. I mean, I have been known to wear flip-flops year-round! But I love a great layered look! And who doesn’t love to snuggle up with a soft throw blanket that looks like Grandma knitted it with a cup of hot coffee?

Hot Drinks

A hot drink on a summer day? That’s a hard pass. I’d rather not sweat from my beverage. But, a steaming hot cup in my hand on a cool day? Bliss. I’ll take all of the hot apple ciders, coffees, and cocoas you want to offer me. Just add extra caramel.

Cozy Days

Fall automatically gives you every perfectly acceptable right to stay home in your pajamas, binge watch a new show, and hibernate under blankets ALL. DAY. LONG.


It’s hard to deny that fall is just a naturally gorgeous time of year in the south! The warm colors displayed naturally in the leaves, the hue of the flames from the fireplace, and spiced pumpkin candles lit in every room of my house.


I’m a southern girl and in the south most people love football. Fall and football are like cream and sugar here in the southeast. It’s hard to do one without the other! Don’t hate me when I confess, I’m not that kind of southern girl. I actually couldn’t care less about football. But what I do love about football season are the opportunities it affords me to throw a great game day party with my friends and family! So, if you need some great ideas for game day food, hit me up!


Last, but certainly not least, is the decor! My passion and what helps support my family is my love for beautiful quality-made decor! It’s just a little extra “something” that truly helps make a house a home. When people choose to add decor to their home, I believe that they’re displaying pieces of themselves and inviting others to come in, relax, and make themselves at home. If you’d like your Fall Decor to better reflect you, your family, your neighborhood, or even your sports team, be sure to contact me! I love to make CUSTOM items just for you and yours!

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