Summer is here and it is time to bring on the bright colors! And there are some delightful 2019 summer decorating trends (and some we will just skip over, because Momma says if you can’t say anything nice…) But if you like bright colors – and you know I do, you are going to be excited to add some of these deep hues to your decorating plan. Then you can sit back with your favorite umbrella drink and enjoy the ‘fruits’ of your labors with friends and family!

Colors in Summer Decorating Trends for 2019

Pantone is the “go-to” for colors in summer decorating trends in 2019, they have some amazing color choices that are trending. One of these is purple and let me tell you, I love me some purple! Especially with other bright colors, like orange, hot pink, and teal. It brings life and beauty into the home, whether you use it as a pop of color or you go all out. 

Purple is my Favorite for Summer (and every month)

My love for purple isn’t something new. It all started with my purple jambox back in the 80s and never stopped! In addition to anything and everything purple, I’m digging these Pantone colors for 2019: Bossy Pink (the name is even amazing!), Blueberry Pancake (yum!), Fall Fantasy, and Lime Zest. If you’re updating your throw pillows or blankets for the summer months, try some moody, bold jewel tones which will be very popular in 2019!

Indoor Plants Continuing to Take Root in 2019

All the greatest design minds agree that indoor plants and greenery will continue to be popular throughout 2019, just as they were in 2018. Rather than sticking with the ever-popular fiddle fig leaf and baby olive trees, I’ll be opting for succulents and cacti this summer. They are so fun, and you can put them anywhere and just forget them. Trust me, I’ve forgotten some live plants before. Not pretty. These are so much more low maintenance than indoor live plants and will add that green touch to your space. Bring the outdoors inside with the addition of some no-maintenance plants that anyone can keep “alive”, green thumb or not.

Succulent Wreath

Succulent Cactus Wreath handmade by Melissa Made This

How to do indoor plants when you don’t do plants

And don’t worry if you don’t like to water plants or consider your thumb to be particularly green. Back in the day, I worked at a flower shop where I learned so much of what I know about creating pretty things (even the bows on my wreaths!) It also taught me that having to water plants daily was definitely not my forte! I realize that adulting requires things that I don’t necessarily enjoy (such as watering plants!), so instead of forcing a green thumb where there isn’t one, I’ve found a solution to bring greenery indoors that requires no maintenance and looks just as pretty!

The Most Important Update You Can Give Your Home Every Season in 2019

No matter what you choose to update in your home decor for 2019, the most important facelift you can give your home is a simple and inexpensive one. Everyone who comes to your home (or passes your home) will notice it – the wreath on your front door! A wreath is a visitor’s first impression of your home. And choosing the right one can give your home instant curb appeal.

The best wreaths and door hangers for summer in my shop (in addition to the beautiful succulent cactus wreath above: 

Summer Reversible Door Decor

Reversible Summer Popsicle Door Hanger by Melissa Made This

Pineapple Welcome Sign

Welcome Pineapple Door Hanger by Melissa Made This

Hello Sunshine Door Hanger

Hello Sunshine Summer Door Hanger by Melissa Made This

A couple of touches here and there will get your space feeling up-to-date with the trends of summer 2019. Grab a girlfriend and hit up your local boutiques to find some purple throw pillows or throw blanket. Stop by Hobby Lobby for some cute accent pieces like flamingos, parrots, or pineapples. Drop by a local nursery or market to find some stems or greenery to fill your vases. It adds so much freshness to your home.

Purple Sofa Cushion for Summer Decor

Purple Sofa Cushion from simplycushions.com

One of my favorite touches for the summertime (and anytime) is cute paper plates, napkins, and tablecloths, especially for the outdoor table. You can always find them on sale. And they make a huge punch that can be changed up whenever you like. My kids even tease me about having a cute napkin addiction, but I can’t help it. It’s just so stinkin’ cute! 

Summer Table

Photo by jordi pujadas on Unsplash

Lastly, consider what you already have! Often I put stuff in the attic, forget about it. Then I take a look a year later and discover I actually have some of the current trends. No need to reinvent the wheel! Just dust it off and reshape it (since it’s been squished in that box for a decade)! And of course, if you don’t have what you need, contact me for a custom order today!

What are some ways you decorate each summer? I’d love to hear (or see) your ideas!

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