Bacon My Heart Door Hanger


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Bacon. Bacon. Bacon. This one is for the bacon (or pig) lovers out there! Perfect for the entrance to your barbeque or to hang in the kitchen or just to hang on the door to make you think about bacon before walking in to the chaos of home (because everything is better with bacon, right?) This adorable hand-painted wooden door or wall hanger with rails is adorned with a variety of wired ribbon in colors of black, white, red, natural, and beige in patterns of harlequin, handkerchief print, stripes, plaid and polka dots. Wired ribbon allows the bows to be reshaped whenever needed, so you never have to worry about that smushed bow look! The finished product measures 24 w x 24 l x 6 d. Not a big fan of bacon but you love pigs. No problem! You can custom order order your own in any color or style you like!

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Weight58.3 oz
Dimensions24 × 24 × 6 in