Let’s get one thing straight – I’m NOT an organizing pro! I don’t even like organizing. There I said it. It just isn’t a lot of fun. Now I love things to BE organized, I just don’t really enjoy the doing of it. It’s always been a job that leaves me feeling a bit overwhelmed! So last year, I had a pro organizer to come out and help me get organized, especially since I had become a full-time crafter! Nothing can clutter up a space faster than 30 rolls of ribbon!  I learned so much that I just wanted to share, in case there are others out there like me that want their space organized, and will never – seriously, never, not once – fold your clothes in a tiny rectangle or Kon Marie your kitchen! So for all you fellow trend-skirters out there who still want to be a bit more organized, read on.


Organizing tips I learned from a pro

Take a hard look at all those unfinished projects.

If there’s a project that you’ve been meaning to do, really evaluate the reality of it actually getting completed before you keep the supplies. I mean, how many years can you reasonably keep all those old scrapbook supplies before you realize you have a much better chance of making an online photo book than actually using them. Plus, all the stickers are probably so old the adhesive has dried up! It’s time to face it. If you haven’t done it by now, chances are, you never will. Free up space and the mental energy that unfinished project is taking up. If you just can’t bear to throw it all out, donate it to a program that serves underprivileged children who would love some fancy paper and stickers for crafts or take it to your church for the children’s program!

Don’t keep anything because of who gave it to you or because someone else thinks it’s sentimental.

Now I know this is a hard one, and listen, I get it. I lost my husband a few years ago and it’s been hard to let some things go. And keep in mind, I’m not talking things like wedding rings. But seriously, do you really need every stuffed animal your grandmother ever gave you, even the ones that have no eyes or fur and have a weird yellowish brown color that scares your kids? That broken bowl from Aunt Suzie’s house and all your late husband’s mismatched socks? Even if other family members or friends try to convince you that you should keep it because it belonged to someone you all loved, that doesn’t mean you should. Perhaps if it’s that meaningful to them, they would like to have it. Perhaps you could honor your loved one by gifting thier items to a family or individual who needs them (but not the mismatched socks – seriously, just use them once to dust the furniture and then throw them out already!) Be very selective of the things you keep around that remind you of that special relationship, vacation or summer on the beach, and then let the rest go.

Everything needs its own place.

It seems so elementary, but it’s game changing! Give everything a place and pair like items together. Subdivide big drawers with little bins, and LABEL EVERYTHING. It feels amazing to know right where to put something.

Less really is more!

Yes, I know it’s so cliche! But seriously! It feels so much better to have fewer things that you truly love that are organized than to have more things in chaos. So, so much better. It’s like a breath of fresh air.

Here are some pics from my project last year!

This is my garage BEFORE we started!

And these are the AFTER pictures of the garage. (Just ignore the signs drying on the floor, I was working on a project!)

Look at all that beautiful trash freeing up my mind and shelves! (And my daughter’s beautiful artwork!)

I’m almost afraid to use anything… I don’t want to mess it up!

Orderly and functional, just like it should be!

And here’s my craft room after we finished!

So much pretty ribbon that I can now FIND!


Isn’t that amazing?

So, what are you struggling to organize? What are your organizing hacks? I’m always ready to learn more – as long as you don’t ask me to fold my clothes into a tiny rectangle and stand them on their side!

And after you have all organized, be sure to treat yourself to one my custom, handmade wall or door hangers!

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