Whether you’re planning a get-together or just celebrating at home like I am with the girls this year, I’ve got some ideas to help you make it fabulous, of course!

Valentine’s party blog notes

Here are the 5 go tos for a lovely Valentines party at home even if it’s the last minute!

Valentine’s Day is one of those sweet little holidays that I love celebrating with my girls. No need for a date when I have my little sweethearts. It’s super fun to decorate and make things special, whether it’s just us, or a bigger party with friends. I guess you could say our party is more of a Gal-entine’s Day party, but without the couples hate. Lol. Here are some of my favorite ideas that I’ve found to try this year.


1) Sweet decorations

You don’t have to go crazy with tons of decorations, but adding hearts to your everyday decor can umph up your Valentine’s spirit. A gorgeous wreath for your door is a must for all occasions. (Pictures from my website) Then I like to decorate my mantle, and add a few touches to the kitchen and dining room. Themed plates & napkins are easy to find, and they make eating so much fun. I like to get them from places like Hobby Lobby, Tuesday Morning, or Target, but you can find them lots of places, including the grocery store or Dollar Tree.

To be honest, I usually end up with multiple designs. I love a pretty napkin. Lol. We use them for regular meals until they’re gone. Heck, we were going to use paper plates anyway, so they might as well be cute. Just don’t judge me if we’re using “drink up witches” napkins in January.

Here are some others I liked as well:

Valentines mantel https://pin.it/l3xerr4jq5jdlj

Valentine’s mantel https://pin.it/m2vfkpdolzfwqp

Valentine’s mantel https://pin.it/66wyxd6p7lj3ix

Valentine’s mantel https://pin.it/rfd66zvfwtoahm

Target Valentine’s plates https://www.target.com/s/valentines+day+plates

Target Valentine’s napkins https://www.target.com/s/valentines+napkins


2) Festive decor for YOU

Since our Valentine’s Day will be a cozy party at home, our “dress up” options are super casual. I pick up some festive holiday-themed socks for each of us. Target is a great place to get them. They are usually about 3 bucks, so they’re cute without breaking the bank. The girls sometimes find little headbands or something to go with them in the Target dollar section. Shopping for them is half the fun.

Here are some other ideas we love:

Target Valentine’s socks https://www.target.com/s/valentines+socks

Target Valentine’s headbands https://www.target.com/s/valentines+socks


3)       Fancy cocktails!

The girls and I love the fanciness of sparkly Mimosas, so we stick to them when it’s just us. Something about a sparkly drink in a stemmed flute just makes us feel special. Don’t worry, I’m not serving champagne to children. I just substitute sparkling white grape juice for them. They love it. Make it extra special with a coordinating paper straw. (I also have straws for every occasion and color. It’s a bit crazy, but I love it.)

Here are some recipes I love:

Strawberry Crush Mimosas https://pin.it/ibv7w73ao4ashe

Valentine’s mimosa bar https://pin.it/cursc2rbcc7sbp


4)      Fun activities

When it’s just us, there don’t have to be a lot of planned activities, but I like to have a few choices depending on our mood. One easy thing to do is watch a movie. I just let the kids pick something I’d usually rather not sit through. It doesn’t have to be all lovey-dovey. (Fingers crossed that it’s an action movie. Chick flicks are so not my thing.)

Another easy thing we enjoy is cooking fun snacks. I try to do all the boring stuff, and give them the parts with the glory, like icing or rolling out cookies.

Sometimes, we craft together. Making bath bombs is a always a hit, and can be colored and scented to match the holiday. Homemade bath bombs make great Valentine’s Day gifts for teachers are friends too.

















Here are some great recipes and instruction you might enjoy!

Lavender bath bombs   https://pin.it/aiqx4l5inqp47k

Heart shaped bath bombs https://pin.it/u257www6ixrmak

DIY Valentine’s joke teller https://pin.it/uvpcxfza2jiaa3

Valentine’s candy dog https://pin.it/z6kybe3oa5n33a

Cupid’s crunch popcorn mix https://pin.it/5oefa4b4kcwbas

Valentine’s marshmallow treats https://pin.it/l4nbvvh56qgqn6


5)      Yummy food!

The food is always the best part of any get-together. For Valentine’s Day, you can serve anything you like. The menu isn’t limited by any traditional expectations. Except for sweets. There should definitely be sweets, including candy. Here are some delicious looking recipes that I want to try.  I love to serve themed food, so heart shapes are a must.

Here are some other ideas, recipes, and goodies I love:

Valentine’s dinner ideas (heart-shaped salad) https://pin.it/gsdu4fghl2egfr

Mini heart shaped pizzas https://pin.it/ljg7iooxutwddi

Roast potato hearts https://pin.it/uubxxbzkdkncnx

Chicken heart hand pies https://pin.it/cdz4ub662u63vy

Hidden heart cake https://pin.it/qtdoucvovpkk77

Fruit tray https://pin.it/xpuqabz32bmavl

Pink hot chocolate https://pin.it/lfjkmgifvsrey7

Valentine trifle https://pin.it/4dnobxakhkbby5

Fruit wands https://pin.it/wuelgfx3i3bfci

And of course, one of my lovely wreaths is always a hit! Hit up my shop to see more Valentine’s items.

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What are your favorite Valentine’s traditions?

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