Looking for tips on how to throw a St. Patrick’s Day party for your family and friends? I’m so glad you asked! St Patrick’s Day is one of those holidays that can be done with just a few touches here and there, without any full-blown effort (yes, I’m looking at you Christmas). We’re not actually Irish, so we don’t usually do a full-on party but we still like to get into the spirit of the holiday! So, in that spirit, here are some of my favorite ideas that I’ve seen to help you celebrate!


Decorating Your Home for a St. Patrick’s Day Party

While I don’t cover the house in green, adding touches of green to your everyday decor is cute and easy. I like to pick out decorations that are simple to set up and easy to remove for one-day holidays like this. For example, a gorgeous wreath for your door is a must-have for all occasions (although I may be a bit biased! Lol) 

A couple of other areas I like to add small touches of decor to are the dining room and fireplace mantel. I like to add bows, random green dishes, and garlands to my cabinets. I loved adding the monogram ‘M’ I handpainted to this countertop in the kitchen. (Message me to order your own!) This letterboard sign is good for every holiday. You can look up cute quotes on Pinterest. And I finished off the decor here with essential oils in my diffuser with green lights so my room smells as awesome as it looks. 

St. Patrick’s Day Party Crafts For Kids (and Adults)

My girls are getting big, but they still enjoy crafting with me at times. There are so many ways to get your kids creative and use their imagination on St. Patricks Day. Break out the craft supplies with your little ones and put together these “leprechaun binoculars” to keep them on the lookout for leprechauns at every turn, or work together to create these leprechaun hat pots. Find all these ideas and more on my Pinterest board here: St. Patrick’s Day Party Ideas 

St. Patrick's Day garland and decorating ideas

St. Patrick's Day luck jar craft

St Patrick's Day Day party baskets for kids

And who says a little education can’t be worked into that craft time? Teach them the history behind St. Patrick’s Day by watching this video on how the holiday came about and why certain traditions stuck.

St. Patrick’s Day Table Decorations Are a Must

Whether you are having a few close friends over for a fun party with your kids or you are planning a party for the grown-up sure to bring the luck of the Irish to your home, you’re going to need to set your table. But there is no reason to break the bank. Here are some ideas to set a table that will make them all see green!

I use themed plates and napkins to add easy and useful color to the table. You can find these at many places, including the grocery store, Dollar Tree, and Target. These adorable napkins are perfect for any celebration. Add a touch of sparkle with these gold plates. And set a festive mood indoors or out with these Green Shamrock paper lanterns.

St. Patrick's Day Party Table Decor

St Patricks Day tables

Get Dressed in Green on St. Patricks Day

The last thing you want is to be the one person who forgot to wear green on St. Patrick’s Day and get pinched all day long! You can keep it simple and cute by choosing a green pair of socks, a t-shirt, leggings, or even nail polish. Target’s dollar section is a great place to look for inexpensive holiday items. Everything in the dollar section is typically under $3 and they add seasonal decor in the weeks leading up to the holiday. So you’re getting cute stuff without breaking the bank! My girls love any excuse to shop in that section as they’ll oftentimes find little headbands, bracelets, and other accessories to go with everything else.

St Patrick's Day Attire

Eating Green on St. Patrick’s Day

My kids love the idea of green food. While they don’t usually want to eat vegetables, who can resist broccoli (AKA leprechaun trees) on St Patrick’s Day? Or a mint green smoothie that you can pass off as leprechaun juice? This mac-n-cheese made green by using spinach and broccoli (and no food coloring!) is a safe bet to try with your kids as well. There are so many more fun options out there though that you can find with just a little digging. Pinterest has a million ideas. You can follow my page here to see which ones I’m pinning.


Broccoli quiche

Low carb Irish margarita

St Patrick's Day Rice Krispies

Whatever your plans for your St. Patrick’s Day party, the best part is simply being with the people you love and creating a space for fun!

Are you hosting a St. Patrick’s Day party or decorating your home? I’d love to hear your ideas and see your pics! Leave them in the comments below!

Need help planning your next party, creating custom decor, or finding meaningful ways to celebrate the people and events that are important to you? Message me today! I’d be honored to help!

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