A couple of years ago, I helped one of my closest friends throw her daughter an at-home graduation brunch It was a small, intimate gathering, but full of meaningful details. I think it’s a perfect way for you to celebrate the graduate in your life! Even if the graduation ceremony had to be postponed, you can still celebrate this milestone with your special ones!

I had the honor of both planning and catering this Brunch Graduation Party for a very special graduate. I’ve known her since she was a baby and I had so much fun personalizing everything. Combining some cute purchased items with a few specially chosen custom handmade projects, I was able to really make the party special. So if you have a grad you want to show some serious love without breaking the bank account or canceling their post-grad trip for, read on!

Graduation Themed Brunch Food

The secret to every great party is the food! So let’s dig in! We started with a simple brunch menu of the standard items: breakfast casserole, sausage balls, fruit, ham & cheese pinwheels, cinnamon rolls, cheese danishes, rum cake, and of course chips and dip and cupcakes because they might be graduating, but they still like kid food! Am I right?

Carved watermelons are always impressive and really aren’t that hard to do. Sometimes I make a paper template first, and sometimes I freehand it. Since the 2018 design was relatively simple, I drew it on with a Sharpie marker and started carving. For a project that was relatively simple and didn’t take too much time, it brought a lot of bright colors to the table.

I also added some special touches with a hand-made project of candy graduation caps that turned out perfectly. These were made with 1 ½ inch squares of black glitter cardstock, colored twine, and Reese’s peanut butter cups. I cut out the squares with a paper cutter, then doubled a piece of twine (about 4 – 5 inches long), and tied a knot almost at the end. I then hot glued the twine to the top of the square, and then the candy to the bottom of the square. Cheap, easy, and adorable.

We rounded out our food with a clever Mimosa bar with sparkling juice for those underage and OJ & champagne for the adults. It tastes so much better than punch, looks elegant and grown-up for your grad and their friends, but can also easily be kid-friendly for all those who aren’t quite ready for the stronger bubbly!

Graduation Party Decor and Signs

Sticking to our classy, elegant color scheme of white, gold, and black, which also happened to be the school colors, I went with a chalkboard theme for all the signs and labels. It’s so easy because you can just wipe it off if you mess up, and it looks so clean and professional. For an added touch to this year’s decor, consider using a Rae Dunn font. It’s trendy, cute, and relatively simple to free-hand.

I made a big congrats sign with a quote for our grad, Taylor, and I finished it with a “thanks for coming” note on the other side.

Mimosa bar sign finished off the mimosa bar table nicely.

I also used tiny chalkboard signs on the food table to label all the food. I think that labeling food, even if you are confident that everyone will know what it is, is always just a great way to serve and respect your guests, and it takes so little time. Plus, it’s just cute, and you know I love cute!

Since the party was at home, decorating was simpler. I used a hanging photo collage in complementing colors to display pictures of our grad through the years.

We used gold number mylar balloons over the Mimosa table to display the graduation year. Of course, it also made a great background for family pictures.

And of course, no event would be complete without a hand-painted custom door sign made by yours truly! Our grad was the drum major, so I had to include music notes for her sign. You can order your own custom grad door or wall decor here and add special touches for your grad’s interests!

A Graduation Party Sign In Table To Remember

Since graduation is a time of closing one chapter of life and opening up the adventure of all the others, we wanted to celebrate all that Taylor has coming in her future. Her parents got a copy of the book “Oh the Places You Will Go” by Dr. Suess, and I used it as a sign-in book for the party. Each guest was encouraged to choose a page and leave a note (or a name for those who aren’t comfortable writing) as a way to remember all the important friends and family who came to celebrate. I finished off the table with a small bouquet of fresh flowers. Chalkboard signs with directions for the guests were displayed so that no one had to attend to the sign-in station.

I added more of the same flowers into the decor. Then I finished the party off with some cute signs to hold for selfies and group pics with the grad; some simple store-bought plates, napkins, and paper straws; and clear plastic cups (for the younger ones) and plastic champagne flutes for the drink station. With just a few simple custom items, a good party can become a meaningful, personal event to make memories that will last forever.



What ideas do you have for graduation parties this year? Leave a comment and let me know! Need something made for your event? Message me today!

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