If you live in the Southeast, you know what a big deal college football is around here. It’s kinda crazy, really. In Alabama, you have to declare allegiance with either a loud and proud “Roll Tide” or a “War Eagle,” practically right after birth. You’d think neither would be okay too, but it’s really not. People here are S E R I O U S about football and their loyalty to “their team.” And that doesn’t even take into consideration the Super Bowl that is apparently the game to end all games. So, what do you do if you live with a football family and you don’t care about football (like this girl right here). You throw an absolutely fabulous FOOTBALL PARTY and invite all your friends over!

So, for a non-sporty girl like me living smack dab in the middle of Bama territory, it’s a challenge to make football season fun for ME. I don’t care about the game. There, I said it out loud. Mom, I’m sorry if I’ve embarrassed you. I just don’t. However, y’all know I DO care about parties, celebrations, and decorations. 

Let’s face it, there ain’t no party like a football party in Alabama! So, when football season rolls around, I just lean into my strengths. So if you’re like me and you don’t love football, but you love people who do, I want to share my tips for a fun football season with you.

Football is Always Going to be a Thing, Don’t Try to Fight It

Just give in. If it helps, repeat after me: “It’s not a football game, it’s an event.” Just treat it like a party, because if you do this well, it will be. Invite people over. The more the merrier. Do you know the ONLY reason I have live TV is so that other people (and my oldest daughter) can watch Bama play at my house? Not even kidding. I may be in the pool while they watch it, but it’s still available for anyone who cares. And in Alabama, that’s pretty much everyone around here, except me and my youngest daughter. (Solidarity LG. Solidarity.) 

Football Decorations Can Be Fun

Girl, go get you some cute decorations. Decorate your door, your mailbox, your coffee table… they even have football decor for the bathrooms if you are really wanting to go all out!  Sometimes I make my own decorations by hand just because it’s fun. Sometimes I shop the dollar section of Target to find cute pieces to amp up my party feel. It’s all fun for me. My favorite place to decorate at the moment is the patio dining table outside.

Football Table Decorations

My friends and my children tease me about buying cute paper plates and napkins ALL the time. I know. It’s weird, but it makes me happy. I just adore a cute paper plate. They come in all designs, including football, no matter what team you give your allegiance to. You can even order them in bulk if the gang is all coming over every weekend this season! Or you can just get napkins in the team(s) colors if you want to keep the table looking less busy. Either way, put some “team spirit” on the table and enjoy how fun it looks, even if you’re the only one admiring it!

Football Apparel is a MUST

My Momma is one of the biggest Alabama fans I know. She’s passionate about it, y’all! And she insists that we wear a Bama shirt on football Saturdays. She’s not kidding either. I have gotten in trouble for my kids not wearing the right colors. It’s like, they might make the team lose kinds of serious. Personally, I think, “Whatever.” Thankfully, there are lots of cute shirts, so we just put one on and go with it. The options are endless in college or pro wear these days. As long as you have the right colors on, you are good. 

Football Food Gone Wild

Seriously, this one cannot be overstated. Get ready to put out some awesome and fun food! Because let’s face it, it’s almost as much about the food as it is about football. I might hate football, but y’all know I love the food! One thing that I love to serve at football gatherings is lots of different dips with chips, crackers, and bread. It’s yummy, easy to eat, and makes for perfect ‘grazing’ during long games. Choose food that will allow you to enjoy the party, too. No one wants to be hidden in the kitchen during a party, even if you don’t care about the game. 

Here are a few recipe pages for you to check out:

Food Network 

Southern Living 

That’s pretty much it. It’s just like any other party, but you have to find the part you care about. For some, it’s the game. For me, it’s the party and time spent with friends and family. Which is great because then it doesn’t matter if your team is a National Champion, a Super Bowl Champ or a non-ranking team, you’ll still have a great time and a good reason to gather! So go get ready for those big football parties! Y’all have fun now. And, just for my Momma, “Roll Tide”. 

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