I love bows. All kinds of bows. Not just anyone can make a pretty bow, and I love that I can. I make them by hand or with a few different bow makers. I make them with one ribbon or several. Wired or non, big or small. Love a bow. But. Do you really need a bow in your life? Of course, you do! But what will I do with my new fabulous bow?! (I feel like this story is about to turn into a Suess book. Lol. Would you like them here or there? I love my bows just anywhere!)

But seriously, bows can go lots of places.


Mailbox Bows

I love to put a big bow on a mailbox for a baby announcement or another holiday. I’ve made them for all occasions really. It’s a great way to signal first time or infrequent guests that they have arrived at your home as well.

Custom Baby Announcement Mailbox Bow by melissamadethis.com

Custom Baby Announcement Mailbox Bow by melissamadethis.com

Custom Fall Mailbox Bow

Custom Fall Mailbox Bow by melissamadethis.com


Lantern Bows

Bows look awesome on outdoor lantern type lights. They are super cute on indoor faux lanterns too! This is actually one of my favorite places for bows. Whether they are outside or inside, electrical or candles, functioning or just decor, I love how a bow takes them from simple to fancy instantly.

Decorating with Bows - Outside Lanterns

Outside lantern bow https://pin.it/7omdnfi2monjyg

Decorating with bows on outside lanterns

Outside lantern bow https://pin.it/64hfwci2hu2sb3

Decorating with bows on outdoor lights

Outdoor light bows UTRdecorating.com

decorating indoor lanterns with bows

Indoor lantern bows for the home https://pin.it/6u2zxln46f5ey2


Wreath Bows

They can go on wreaths, of course! I love them on the simple green wreaths, as an accent to an elegant wreath like this Valentine’s wreath below, or lots of bows like the ones used to adorn the Custom “J” Monogram wooden door hanger I created for a customer!

Custom wreath bows by melissamadethis.com

Custom wreath bows by melissamadethis.com

Custom Valentine's wreath with bow by melissamadethis.com

Valentine’s Heart Grapevine Wreath by melissamadethis.com

Custom Monogram Wooden Door Hanger by melissamadethis.com

Custom Monogram Wooden Door Hanger by melissamadethis.com


Christmas Tree Bows

Christmas trees are a perfect place for bows! I love bows to top the tree and to space around the rest of the tree. With and without streamers. And I have even used them with garland before. Christmas is a wonderful time to help my customers make their tree uniquely theirs!

Custom Christmas Tree Bows by melissamadethis.com

Custom Christmas Tree Bows by melissamadethis.com

Bows for Floral Arrangements

Floral arrangements or potted plants can always use a beautiful bow for whatever celebration you choose. Maybe you want to give a friend a beautiful flower for the death of a loved one that they could then repurpose for their home decor. I love making custom orders like those come to fruition!

Custom Fall Grapevine Wreath with Bow

Custom Fall Grapevine Wreath with Bow by melissamadethis.com

Custom Bama Cemetery Arrangement by melissamadethis.com

Basket Bows

Bows look great on baskets too. Any kind of basket really. Easter baskets are my favorite, but you can also use them with your fall or holiday decor with a basket of pine cones. 

Decorating with Bows for Easter

Basket Bows for Easter https://pin.it/2helngjvafjaw6

DIY Easter Basket Bows

Easter Basket Bows https://pin.it/bpgyj667xf7762

Decorating with bows can be simple

Simple Basket Bows https://pin.it/4tgy6pptkkvu7t


Bows for Gifts

And don’t forget about gifts. Do you have a big gift reveal you need a custom bow for? Perhaps you want to give that anniversary gift an extra touch or make the presentation of the new car for your just-turned-16 years old child? I’d love to help out! A present with a big, beautiful bow looks all the more special.

Custom Gift Bows

Custom Handmade Gift Bows https://pin.it/vs7ng3yrvtioiy

As you can see, there are not a lot of places I won’t use bows! Making bows is something I enjoy doing for others. Message me with your custom bow requests and let’s get your home looking more lovely than ever!


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