Fall is my favorite season – seriously. I’ve got some MAJOR Fall Love going on over here!  Living in the deep south, it’s so refreshing to finally see the temperatures coming down a little bit.  Driving home yesterday, I noticed that my favorite little market had pumpkins.  Yay!  Pumpkin time!  My girls didn’t appreciate my enthusiasm.  They thought it was too soon for fall, but I say, no such thing.  So, let’s just get right to it and…

Fall in Love

When the temps are dropping to the 70s, I can think about fall decorating, cooking and baking.  I love cooking even more than crafting, but nobody wants to be in a hot kitchen when it’s 100 degrees outside.  Yuck.  I’ll stick with a sandwich and stay cool, thanks.  But in fall, I come to life.  It’s time to put out everything pumpkin, make chili and soup, and bake some goodies.  One fall favorite I make is banana cupcakes with caramel icing and toasted, salted pecans.  There’s a touch of cinnamon in them that makes them divine.  They are even fall colors, so they become decorations too, for a few minutes anyway.


This year, I’ve made a cute scarecrow wreath for the front door to kick off my seasonal decorating. Colors of orange, sage green, teal and yellow bring autumn to mind and give a hint of the fall decorations to come inside the house.  The scarecrow sign says “Give Thanks”, so it can stay up from September to November if you like.  I love decorating too much to leave it there that long though.  I’ll transition from fall to Halloween to Thanksgiving to Christmas, and even to New Year’s Eve.  I just love this time of year!  The “ber” months truly are the best!

The next thing I’ll probably add to decor is a bunch of real pumpkins in all kinds of colors and sizes.  I love that they are stackable, and I’ll have at least two towers by the garage.  I don’t carve these pumpkins, and they’ll last until December if you don’t.  I’m not sure what the theme will look like this year.  I think I might paint them with stripes and polka dots.  Wouldn’t that be cute?

As I’m transitioning into the season inside the house, I’ll start with plenty of flameless candles for warmth.  They are so pretty, and you don’t have to worry about them melting down or being left lit.

I’ll put a lovely combination of oils in the diffuser like Christmas Spirit or Thieves and Orange.  Doesn’t that sound relaxing?  Time to go put on a pot of chili.  Welcome to my favorite time of year!

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