The new school year is quickly approaching and if you are like most teachers, you are probably working on decorating your classroom. I can just see you. You are curled up in a chair by the pool searching for ways you can make your room the most welcoming and happy place possible! Put down that pina colada and consider some of these fun classroom decoration ideas to make your space welcoming and super cute (because you know I like cute things)!

Go With Your Favorite Team Colors​

Whether you like a college team or you want to go with your school colors, there are many ways that you can incorporate color. From door hangers and wreaths for the door or beside your door to folders to covering your tables with contact paper, you can make your room a room of colorful fun. The designs are endless and you can mix designs with solids to make a welcoming and beautiful space that you will love as much as your students.


back to school door decoration decorating your classroom

Go With a Classroom Theme in Decorating

Some teachers or grades have a classroom theme for each year for decorating. For example, “Let’s Go On An Adventure” maybe your theme and you may decide to go with a travel slant on it. With the addition of planes, trains, buses, and automobiles, as well as suitcases, on your bulletin board border, contact paper, notes sent home, posters, and more, you can solidify the theme. This cute adventure-themed door hanger with map accents would welcome your students and families in perfect style. 

welcome to my classroom travel theme 

Classroom Decorations Can Bring Just the Right Amount of Cuteness Overload Ahead

Sometimes a color or design just strikes your fancy. For example, you may like polka dots and bright colors. If this is the case, you are in luck, cause so do I! I love some bright colors, as you can see in the door hanger below, and it can be done in any colors to tickle your own fancy. Customized with your name, it will give your space a bit of personalization that will set your room apart from the others and let everyone know exactly where your class is, which is welcoming to parents.

 Welcome to My Class

Not sure which way you are going in the decorating realm this year or just prefer to use a mixture of colors and styles? If this is you, you may want to go with one of these more general school themes that would go with everything. These can be used from year to year and they can be put on your door or on the side of your door year-round. You can mix and match colors to make it completely yours, too.

Decorating Your Classroom With Purpose

Using your décor for more than one purpose gives it more value to you in the long run. This cute pencil with hall passes that you can use for your class is a great piece to decorate with. It is super fun with the yellow that will stand out and add a punch of brightness to your classroom.


Making your classroom welcoming is not only good for your students and their families, but also for you. Nothing is better than coming into a room that you feel good about and adding a special touch to the door or outside the door can be the cherry on the top of your decorating cake. Cute and happy can be contagious, so add a little color and some style of your own!


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