Oh, it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas around my house! I thought since we are all busy decking the halls right now, I’d share this awesome formula to decorate your Christmas Tree like a Pro I just learned at the Certified Celebrator Live event with the ladies at Miss Cayce’s Christmas.

I tried it out on my own tree this year and the method worked great. So, here it is:

How to Decorate your Christmas Tree Like a Pro

Step 1: Add bows in a diamond pattern on the tree

I love making bows, so this is a favorite part for me!


Step 2: Add 3 sizes of balls in the diamonds 

I didn’t take any pics of the balls I used before I put them on, but any ornaments in three different sizes will work.

Step 3: Add sprays of florals inside the diamond pattern 

I added poinsettias and glitter branches.

Step 4: Add ornaments in your chosen theme.

I did a gingerbread theme this year. The cupcake, lollipops and candy ornaments, and especially the marshmallow picks were a huge success I thought! I love the way my tree turned out and I’ve gotten so many sweet compliments on it.  

Though the steps are certainly easy, there were two not so easy or fun obstacles for me. First, all these gorgeous elements look beautiful, but it certainly did cost a pretty penny. And secondly, it took me way, way longer to get it done than it took the pros at the show. Like days. But maybe some of that is just because I’m a busy single mom, raising two very active and involved girls, working a full-time job while starting a new business and planning an extraordinary Gingerbread Decorating Birthday Party for your youngest and 11 of her best friends. (Watch for that blog coming very, very soon! It was SO cute!)

In the end, though it was a lot of work, I will certainly do it again, especially now that I have all the gorgeous new tree bling! But enough about me and my tree. I’d love to hear from you! Comment below with your favorite tree decorating tips and I’ll send you code for $5 off an order at my Etsy shop!

And as always, you can go shop today for more lovelies to deck your halls and doors this Christmas here

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