Can you believe the summer is over? I know it was May like two weeks ago, right? So now what? I can remember so many years when I just was NOT ready. For those moms who have more on their plate than they can juggle, back to school time can almost make you lose your mind. But don’t worry! I have a few tips to help you get it in gear for a great school year, and it won’t even look like you waited until the last minute!

Last minute tips for Back to School

Don’t panic.

They can smell your fear. Lol. But really, if you stay cool and positive about the new school year, chances are your kids will too.

Mom Panic

Teacher gifts you can pick up TODAY!

For elementary school, a small token of appreciation for your child’s teacher helps make a good impression that you are on your game. There’s nothing wrong with getting off on the right foot. But since it’s last minute, make it easy on yourself. This year, I bought beautifully decorated cookies for teacher’s gifts. Many bakeries have back to school themed cookies ready to be picked up. Teachers don’t need another monogrammed apple cup anyway.

For middle school or high school, the first day of school teacher’s gifts aren’t usually given. Heaven forbid you embarrass your child with thoughtfulness. (Can you hear my eyes rolling?) Lol. So, I suggest bringing a treat of some sort to the teacher’s lounge for all of the teachers to enjoy.  

Last minute thoughtfulness

One thing that my younger daughter has really enjoyed is notes or jokes in her lunchbox. They must be handwritten, and they have to say I love you. Her rules. X) Nothing makes me feel more together on a school day than knowing not only did I have the basics under control, but I actually got a little extra in. I can be “that mom” for at least a day.

Set a family goal for the school year.

It doesn’t have to be insane, just make it something you can all do together. You can literally talk about it the night before! Last year, my girls and I determined to have no tardies. None. If you know me, you know that being on time is definitely not my superpower. It’s bad, y’all. But since we had a goal, we reminded each other daily, and we made it happen. Zero tardies. It was awesome. I’m not sure what our goal will be this year, but I know we’ll rock it out.

Back to School Goals

Give yourself some grace.

If you don’t find every baby blue folder with two pockets and fasteners or whatever elusive school supply your child needs by the first day of school, they will be okay. I promise. So don’t sweat it. The most important thing your child needs as they start back to school is you – your presence and the security of knowing you are there for them. And you don’t need to plan ahead too much for that, just show up.

Back to School Shopping

So, to all us last minute moms… let’s go rock this school year!

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