‘Tis the season to give thanks, and I sure have a lot of things to be thankful for this year! I know I could share the obvious ones – my girls, my family, my friends and cohorts in mischief, but that’s just a little too obvious and cliche, isn’t it? So, I want to share on this day of giving thanks some things I’ve unexpectedly found myself being thankful for!

7 Unexpected Things to be Thankful for This Year

1.  Catalysts for Change

I’ve sure had a lot of these in the past few years. Being widowed gave me a chance to find a strength I never knew I had. It’s led us to a new home, new schedules, and new relationships with each other for me and my girls. Finding out my job was being terminated, and I needed to seek new employment, became the catalyst for taking a big ole leap of faith to start my own business, so that I can do what I love and be with my family more. I find it’s true. Beauty does come from ashes sometimes, and I’m thankful for the things that might have knocked me on my butt, but instead have sent my life soaring into dreams I’d never dared to dream!

Unexpected Thanks

2.  Decluttering

Seriously, you guys, there just isn’t enough space to say how amazing it is to get rid of old stuff! How can three females living in one house accumulate so much stuff?! Does it grow when we leave for work and school or something? Take a look at all the bags of stuff headed out of our lives! Less is more, they say. Turns out whoever ‘they’ are, they were on to something!

3.  Organizing my space

I had no idea how much more creative you can be when you aren’t surrounded by chaos, and you can find your ribbon! (Can I just get an amen on that one from all my crafty-buddies?) Setting up a space to create and design has changed my whole world! While we still probably won’t live up to my Grandmomma’s hope – a place for everything, and everything in its place – it’s a far cry from where we were!

4.  Downtime

So, there just isn’t time or energy to tell you all how exhausting it is trying to work full time until my job ends, start a business, and be a single mom to two very active and involved little girls. But recently, I’ve carved out some time to just rest with my girls and enjoy life. I even got in some girlfriend time! And doesn’t that just make us all revived? Idle hands are the devil’s workshop – but exhausted mommas act like the devil, and that ain’t good for anybody!

5.  New opportunities

Recently, I had the opportunity to go to Certified Celebrator Live with Mrs Brittany Young, who is just one of my all time favorites! She’s so full of life and energy and sweetness that you just want to spend time with her. I’m secretly hoping she will be my new bff, but until then, I’m happy that I got to meet her and learn so much from her! Check her out on Facebook or at her website!


6.  One on one time with friends and family

“Just me and you time” with the people we love is something we often take for granted in this crazy busy world we live in. But take it from someone who knows what it’s like to lose the one you love, and never get more time, it’s more important than you think! That’s why I treasure so much spending time with my friends and family! Love them today, y’all! We never know how long we have them!

7.  Loving on my people

If you ask anyone to tell you just one thing about me, I hope the thing they will say is that she knows how to love her people. My “people” are the treasured folks in my life who have become like family. It makes my heart happy to serve and love on my tribe, and to remind them each how special they are. I am a pretty good personal cheerleader, if I do say so myself. I like to find out the favorites of my peeps, and surprise them with a thoughtful gesture or little gift. Have y’all been on Pinterest? It’s my favorite place to find cute little quotes to send, or fun, crafty things to make to brighten someone’s day. If you think you aren’t the ‘serve my people’ type, let me just encourage you now to try it. Bless someone with a meal or treats, drop a card in the mail to encourage a friend, or just say hi, make it your business to know the favorites of all of your friends and family, and surprise them with one on a random Thursday. Your people will feel so loved, appreciated, and special. And isn’t that the best feeling?! It makes even the smallest grinch heart grow three sizes! You know what else? While you are loving on and blessing those people, you will get more back in return than you gave. It makes my heart so happy to see my people happy. I don’t mean to be mushy, but I just love em, y’all. Try it! You’ll never regret pouring into your friends and family.

So, that’s it for me. What are you thankful for today?

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